Virtualbox 6.0.0-127566

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File Name: VirtualBox-6.0.0-127566-Win.exe

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License: Shareware

Languages: Multiple Language

Submit Date: 20 December 2018 | CangeLogs

Requirements: Windows All Version

Company: Oracle Tech Network | Publisher

OS Systems: Windows OS

MD5 Checksum: 46120B53A4BE0788813765EE3605F929

Publisher: Frances Little | Contact

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Software Product Description

Virtualbox 6.0.0 is one of the optimal software you can use as a Windows emulator. When you poorness to try an operating method to place on your laptop or machine, VirtualBox is the finest software to do all that. You can easily try these windows on VirtualBox without having to directly reinstall your machine or laptop.

The Newest VirtualBox software is one of the software that admin uses to try windows before distribution widely in this gigapurbalingga. You can try all kinds of windows that you download on the cyberspace before you position aright on your laptop or machine.

The last variation of this software is free, the newest Virtualbox Countenance String Ring, which you can download for unrestricted at this gigapurbalingga. Then what are the current features of this software? for author info delight see the explanation from the following admin.

VirtualBox 6.0.0-127566 Features

  • VMM: author entireness on rising the emulation of indisputable MSR registers on certain legion CPUs (e.g. bugs 12734, 12736, 12744, 12748, 12686, 12770)
  • VMM: fast single-stepping for real-mode guests (VT-x without unclassified invitee execution) and several I / O manual (bug 12636)
  • VMM: fixed a possibility difficulty with COW pages if nested paging is not free
  • GUI: Mac OS X: empirical good obturate reinforcement for Mountain Celebrity and Mavericks (bug 12292)
  • GUI: Mac OS X: distant the mini-toolbar denigrate switch which doesn't transmute under Mac OS X afloat screen style anyway
  • GUI: empirical HID LED coordination for Windows and Mac OS X hosts: stationary keyboard re-synchronization if the attribute is handicapped (as finished by neglect; bug 12758)
  • GUI: stationary a latent die when first the preferences agenda (bug 12862)
  • OVF: regressive a hit of the VirtualBox Handler when re-starting guest import (bug 12586)
  • 3D sustain: individual fixes
  • HGCM: unadjustable a job with a rescued commonwealth that was started from a blest country
  • Storage: set bug preventing to squeeze figuring snapshots under sure conditions
  • VBoxSVC: concentrated a segmentation charge on Linux hosts if a rattling overnight route exists under / dev (bug 12760)
  • API: taped impermanent misdeed low doomed conditions if a line hardware was intended or distant at VM runtime
  • Windows installer: accomplish the -silent create again constant (bug 12764)
  • Mac OS X Networking: forbid localized traffic (VM-to / from-host) from unseaworthy to message (bug 12750)
  • Windows Additions: rigid the surroundings for invitee processes (4.3.8 abnormalcy; bug 12782)
  • Windows Additions / WDDM: taped figure by cypher exceptions with quadruplicate visitant screens low reliable conditions
  • Linux Additions: install right on Ubuntu impermanent systems with a / usr / lib64 directory (bug 12513)
  • X11 Additions: fix for VBoxClient operation not exiting right (bug 12348) and intense too such processor unit