SpiderOak 7.4.0

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File Name: SpiderOakONE-7.4.0-msi_x86.msi

File size:23.62 MB (24,768,512 bytes)

License: Freeware

Languages: Multiple languages

Submit Date: 05 December 2018 | CangeLogs

Requirements: Windows All Versions

Company: SpiderOak Inc. | Publisher

OS Systems: Windows OS

MD5 Checksum: 87352FAD7BC70F006E1A0EB5C20E6C27

Publisher: Deborah Hill | Contact

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Software Product Description


SpiderOak combines online approving, close record sync and loose intercourse in a darken supported work. Screen clients are visible for Windows, Mac OS X and manifold Unix distributions. Several gigabyte of unrestricted storage prettify free after ground creation and can be upgraded to a 100+ GB for a monthly or period fee. SpiderOak consolidates individual functionalities into one puppet: slaveless online backup, far hit, synchronizing, intercourse and store. Information backups can run from topical hard-drives as source as web drives, USB keys, international drives, CD/DVDs and fortify SSL connection. All of these features are available for both the unhampered and the subscription pairing.

SpiderOak software utilizes cryptographically-enforced compartmentalization so you can acquire and communicate safely. By removing server infrastructure and its activity staff from your threat model, SpiderOak allows you to journeying greater organizational success.

Our cooperation tools substance informal controls that amend you satisfy Office 800-171r1, Authority 800-53, and NERC-CIP without sacrificing inactivity of use.

Disable translations if they are not in use.
Force TLS1.2 method on every platform except macOS High Sierra.
Build macOS with PIE enabled.
Notify users when updates are available.
Improve overlay icons on Windows.
(Groups only) Improve single file share link text.