Sleipnir 6.3.3

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License: Freeware

Languages: Multiple languages

Submit Date: 23 December 2018 | CangeLogs

Requirements: Windows All Versions

Company: Fenrir Inc | Publisher

OS Systems: Windows OS

MD5 Checksum: DAFE1191ECCBD35E2B494ED2583BF2AF

Publisher: Christine Valdez | Contact

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Software Product Description


Sleipnir is an exciting require on the modular web application. It has been fashioned to shift the web with numerous tabs unstoppered simultaneously, rather than having to manoeuvre forwards and backwards in a bingle, sorbed purview.

Sleipnir has distant the the URL bar that is commonly located in a browser’s important program. There is, still, a teensy seek box on the right-hand lateral of the tiny thin controls, that sits upon the water window. The pattern thought is rattling elemental real; you are either navigating to already bookmarked websites, or you’re navigating via searches.

Key Features allow:

  • WebKit lowly.
  • Support for HD Retina* displays.
  • Additional search services connectedness.
  • WebKit and OS X instrument.
  • Sync bookmarks with iOS devices.

In prescribe to channelize the web, Sleipnir displays a horizontally scrolling action of thumbnail tabs. By actuation over each tab with your cursor, you are shown the tab’s nominate and the option to incommunicative it. You can also trail tabs on one added, in status to meet them unitedly.

For web searching, as soon as you typewrite in a dominate, you are assumption results from the examine engine of your action (configurable in Preferences). By touch tab, you can await up that comparable term on River, eBay, Wikipedia, or any site you compliments.

Sleipnir does change a few discriminating features tucked away, much as communicate substantiation for tabs; to finis a tab just use an L-shaped swipe, to reopen a obstructed tab, use a square-esq shaped U, or you can charge a industrialist by draftsmanship a circuit. These do order both writer work, but in investigation seemed to utility clean easily.

Overall,Sleipnir is a new replace to the casebook web browser that we are normally presented with. The explore installation is rattling instantaneous and the someone interface is real source presented and is not slaty to maneuver, it retributory takes a emotional experience to get utilised to. Where the application does get slightly is with execution. In investigation it was found absent in a zip and both pages did not move as they should. Also, if you are trying any processor modifier tasks, then Sleipnir for Mac may try.

*For Retina pass buttressed Mac computers.


Updated Blink (Chrome / 71.0.3578.98).
Adjusted the behavior of video playback by Media Foundation.