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License: Open Source

Languages: Multiple languages

Submit Date: 30 October 2018 | CangeLogs

Requirements: Windows (All Versions)

Company: PPSSPP Project | Publisher

OS Systems: Windows OS

MD5 Checksum: 7777F530629E4EFD96E2C45CCADC1989

Publisher: Brian Ryan | Contact

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Software Product Description


PPSSPP can run your PSP games on your PC in full HD resolution. It can even upscale textures to make the game play more realistic.

Key features include:

  • Play in HD resolution.
  • Support for big-screen mobile gaming.
  • Customize on-screen touch controls or use an external controller or keyboard.
  • Save and restore game state anywhere, anytime.
  • Support for anisotropic filtering and texture scaling.
  • Save game transfer support.

PPSSPP is an great emulator for the Sony PlayStation Portable console. The application supports loading the ROMs of PSP games (ISO, CSO, PBP, ELF files).

Overall, PPSSPP is a very good PSP emulator. The graphics are well structured and display a sound likeness to the original format. The user interface is simplistic and easy on the eyes. It must be said though, the optimization settings and emulation parameters are aimed at more expert gamers and not for novice users.

*Please note you need to own an original copy of the game you are emulating in order to use PPSSPP.

PPSSPP 1.7 has a large number of compatibility and bugfixes, and if you've previously had problems with crashes or instability, hopefully you will see a big improvement.

The Android release will be rolled out slowly over the next week to catch bugs. If you want to get it early, the APK is available.

Fix for insta-crash on Galaxy Note 9, some Xiaomi devices, and the new nVidia Shield.
Vertex range culling on most platforms, fixes DTM: Race Driver and similar.
Major speed boost in some Gundam and Earth Defense Force games.
Fix for issues with post processing shaders in GL 3+.
Fixes to sound output switching on Windows (WASAPI).
Detects DirectInput devices when running.
Simple Discord integration.
New debugging APIs.
Task switching made a lot more robust (fixes GPD XD problems).
Texture decoding optimizations.
Tons and tons of miscellaneous bugfixes and compatibility fixes.