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File Name: PwdManager-Setup.exe

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License: Freeware

Languages: Multiple languages

Submit Date: 31 October 2018 | CangeLogs

Requirements: Windows (All Versions)

Company: CP-Lab | Publisher

OS Systems: Windows OS

MD5 Checksum: 10C86721072600A701E1883EF4849CBC

Publisher: Joys Salomon | Contact

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Password Manager XP



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Software Product Description


Password Manager XP is a handy little tool that lets you create secure, encrypted databases to store information in. Each database can be given an access password and is encrypted with various algorithms simultaneously.

In addition to database creation, you can also designate the level of encryption to protect your database. You are able to configure certain parameters too, for instance you can choose concurrent write access, remember data sort order, and override global automatic closure timeout etc. Password Manager XP also allows you to set a customized backup option as well.

Password Manager XP supports the following algorithms:

  • Encryption algorithm: 3DES,Blowfish, Cast128, RC4, Rijndael (new AES), Serpent, Tea, Twofish.
  • Hash algorithm used to generate encryption key: SHA, SHA-384, MD5, SHA-512, SHA-256, SHA-256, MD5, SHA-256.
  • Encryption key length: 160 bit, 384 bit, 128 bit, 512 bit, 256 bit, 256 bit,128 bit, 256 bit.

Password Manager XP has a standard user interface is fairly basic; some menu and shortcut commands at the top of the window. From here you can create and save databases, assign them passwords and add files and folders. Below this is the tree menu, which can display all of the created databases. Once your database has been created, you can add a new record by populating the general attribute fields, such as title, user name, account, URL, password etc.

Overall, Password Manager XP can be navigated by all users, due to the standard interface. It has a small footprint and uses a tiny amount of your system resources. It also comes with a complete help file, including guidelines and snapshots to help you in case you get stuck.

Integration with Chrome 64-bit.
Integration with Firefox 64-bit version 50 and later.
Integration with Firefox version 52 and later.
Form filling in IFRAME content of web pages.
Ask for administrator privileges when configuring browser integration if needed.
Support for database format of the upcoming Password Manager XP 4.

Slow search for non-administrator users in case of large database.

Speed up database loading and saving.
Use more distinct color for selected folder.