mIRC 7.54

By mIRC Co Ltd (Shareware)     

File Name: mirc754.exe

File size:2.65 MB (2,775,024 bytes)

License: Shareware

Languages: Multiple languages

Submit Date: 27 December 2018 | CangeLogs

Requirements: Windows All Versions

Company: mIRC Co Ltd | Publisher

OS Systems: Windows OS

MD5 Checksum: 16F36163453A4898C2AB819CBB48BD12

Publisher: Roy Chapman | Contact

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Software Product Description


mIRC is a afloat featured Cyberspace Passage Schmooze client for Windows that can be old to communicate, deal, perform or use with others on IRC networks around the class, either in multi-user foregather conferences or in one-to-one insular discussions.

It has a moral, functional interface that is highly configurable and supports features specified as chum lists, file transfers, multi-server connections, SSL coding, proxy strengthener, UTF-8 display, customizable sounds, uttered messages, tray notifications, message logging, and statesman.

mIRC also has a coercive scripting module that can be victimized both to automate mIRC and to create applications that fulfil a full grasp of functions from textile field to performing games.

mIRC has been in utilization for over a decennium and is constantly existence reinforced and updated with new technologies.

1.Fixed script editor editbox horizontal scrollbar sensitivity.
2.Fixed /hadd -mN parsing bug.
3.Fixed $decode() parsing of N parameter when N = 0 to ensure that it
always returns a line count of one.
4.Fixed API call that prevented mIRC from running on Windows XP.
5.Fixed /timer -p switch not counting down correctly when more than one
repetition is specified.
6.Added /timer -P switch that pauses the count down for a timer.
7.Updated OpenSSL library to v1.0.2q.
8.Optimized while loop parameter parsing in scripts.
9.Fixed $hmac() bug when using sha384/sha512 with keys longer than 64
10.Fixed /onotice and related commands not working in some contexts.
11.Fixed Log Files dialog sort by date column bug.
12.Updated CA root certificates cacert.pem file.