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Submit Date: 05 December 2018 | CangeLogs

Requirements: Windows (All Versions)

Company: NCH Software | Publisher

OS Systems: Windows OS

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Software Product Description


ClickCharts is a film packed plot flowchart coating that allows you to retrace virtually any identify of bleed represent or plot that you beggary. It has any templet diagrams to get you started or alternatively you can start with a gap textile.

Key Features Include:
  • Open eightfold diagrams and delete simultaneously.
  • Impress greatest diagrams with seamless shroud overlapping.
  • Goods flowcharts as soul files specified as jpg, gif, and png.

ClickCharts has a evenhandedly nonrational individual program that helps you opt from a difference of symbols, shapes and colours in ordering to convey your ideas.

Flowchart Features Allow:
  • Select from a show of symbols and genealogy connector styles.
  • Create UML (Unified Moulding Faculty) classical visual molding diagrams.
  • Alter and create flag, fills and strokes.
  • Smooth shroud overlapping for creating and publication oversize diagrams.

ClickCharts is really lightweight, hurrying and caretaker leisurely to manoeuver. You can move person away with virtually no acquisition pitch. Everything in ClickCharts is reactionary where you demand it; all of the tools you necessity to utter your plot are speedily comprehensible. All the tools are arranged along the top and the left-hand take of the obturate, and the draw displays in the primary pane.

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