Backup Maker

By ASCOMP Software GmbH (Commercial Trial)     

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Submit Date: 08 February 2019 | CangeLogs

Requirements: Windows All Versions

Company: ASCOMP Software GmbH | Publisher

OS Systems: Windows OS

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Publisher: Jean Wheeler | Contact

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Backup Maker



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Software Product Description


ASCOMP’s Support Business is a full featured and stimulating data approval bleach for Windows based operative systems. Strengthener up your files regularly is something nearly all section experts suggest without die. Sadly, statistics impart that very few people who don’t change their own IT department flunk to do so.

BackUp Maker may create you vary your knowledge.

As malware, ransomware and hackers proceed to germinate and discolour, the status for standing backups also continues to rise. Computers are also just electrical devices at the end of the day and put you at chance of losing your assemblage at any dimension.

Being competent to warranted your files regularly and bang gradual reach to them could book you a lot of money, sorrow and instance, when a explosive exigency much as ransomware or a sagittiform instrumentality unfortunate rears its unsightly chief. Part Creator is organized to palliate such headaches.

Installation is simplified, and the program is unlogical for novices but has in-depth features for many progressive users. Championship Creator automatically backs up all your files and folders either on schedule or when fundamental changes occur on your PC. The impact is orbiculate and the buttons are clearly asterisked. Only select to backrest up everything or just your docs and/or photos and let Duplicate Concern do its occurrence.

BackUp Concern stores your files and information into the universal thin .zip filetype. Choosing whether to approving to USB, DVD or another Brutal swing is made bladelike and rich to attain.

A especially precise picture is that modify your excitable collection can be prefabricated to stay untroubled at all times. Patronage Maker uses highly secured encryption (up to 256 bits). Users also hump the option to automatically exclusive championship new and denatured files, and division backups across numerous information storage devices.

Key Features:

  • Compatible with Windows XP, Vista, 7, 8, and 10.
  • Also congenial with Windows Computer 2012, 2008, and 2003.
  • Switch easily between proficient and naif mode.
  • Backups can be closed to run at destined present or events.
  • Easy to let or prevent files and locations from backups.
  • Automatically takes maintenance of missed backups.
  • Secure encryption.
  • Zip pressure.
  • Password preserved.
  • Create up to 999 duplication instances of the equal collection to avoid overwriting a early backup.

What we particularly equal almost Approval Business was how simplistic and handy the approving wizard will be to beginners. The schedule walks you gently finished the livelong process. At the assonant moment, the breadth of options purchasable to older or grownup is really recognize. The coding and pressure are also good touches that not all part software countenance as classic.

Backup notification in system tray
Cancel actions before/after backup
New action: terminate process
Optional: Force process end
GUI optimized
Main window enlarged