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License: Commercial Trial

Languages: Multiple languages

Submit Date: 08 December 2018 | CangeLogs

Requirements: Windows All Versions

Company: Ascora GmbH | Publisher

OS Systems: Windows OS

MD5 Checksum: 2A0BE8403FBE23949FFFA5171E6BC237

Publisher: Carl Ellis | Contact

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Software Product Description


We all pauperization web browsers to get around the Net. Unluckily, more and many application manufacturers are integrating functionalities that are collecting assemblage some our aquatics habits. AntiBrowserSpy is a accessible short agency that lets you lag off the so titled ‘spying’ features of these browsers.

AntiBrowserSpy is a lightweight service that has been premeditated to remove web application traces, create backups and rising precaution. The app is harmonious with Microsoft Cyberspace Person, Mozilla Firefox, Google Plate, Apple’s Safari, and House, to found a few. With it, you can unsoiled up record, cache, DOM cookies and change aggregation.

It has a redbrick and bottom system, with a important window consisting of various tabs that let you easily access all the incorporated settings. Not exclusive is the app easy to use, it has many rattling functional tools as well. For ideal, it lets you create a voice of all the browsers that are installed on your system. This allows you to easily alter settings, in someone you unexpectedly withdraw something beta.

AntiBrowserSpy comes with whatsoever real fertile features, specified as letting you schedule tasks, and run your choice browser in stealth fashion. It provides you with a unofficial that relates to warrant settings and allows you to modify them,. You can also deflect gregarious networking platforms, much as Facebook, via an coeducational add-on.

Overall, AntiBrowserSpy has a elliptic, yet competent interface and is unhurried to use. The app itself consumes just any scheme resources and can be navigated by users of all levels of skillfulness.

We don't make any difference log accumulation yet for writing 2019.257 of AntiBrowserSpy. Sometimes publishers hump a soft patch to alter this entropy getable, so gratify control affirm in a few life to see if it has been updated.