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Software Product Description


Acoustica Premium Edition is available as a free download from our software library. This is a complex and reliable piece of software aimed at offering you the proper tools to edit audio files and generate professional-sounding results with minimal effort.

Features of Acoustica Premium Full

Comprehensive user interface

  • Subsequent to a regular installation operation, with no events to speak of, you can run the application from the optionally created desktop shortcut.
  • The straight-forward and easy to understand user interface enables even the least knowledgeable individuals to quickly figure out how to work with Acoustica Premium Edition.
  • However, the more time you invest into browsing through its numerous features and functions, the better equipped you become in benefiting to the fullest of what the utility has to offer.
  • The main window features several panels, the largest of which displays the spectogram of your audio files. The toolbar provides you with several of the most commonly used functions, including ‘Mode’ switching buttons, ‘Record’, ‘Play’, ‘Pause’, ‘Rewind’, ‘Fast Forward’ and many others.

Load songs, apply effects and further edit the files

  • The ‘Browser’ allows you to navigate through the folders on your computer and locate the various media that you intend to work with, while from the ‘Effect Chain’ section of Acoustica Premium Edition you can add several ‘Effects’, ‘Volume’ or ‘Enhancement’ elements into your song.
  • The program enables you to ‘Add Label’, ‘Add Region Marker’, but also ‘Add Label and Edit Title’ or ‘Add Region Marker and Edit Title’, just by using your mouse cursor to make the selection within the track. Moreover, you can ‘Insert Silence’, ‘Add Sampler Loop’ or ‘Delete’ certain pieces from the audio file.

Reliable audio editor

  • To sum it up, Acoustica Premium Edition is a handy and intuitive application which can successfully assist you in recording, playing and editing audio files in a variety of formats, allowing you to generate great-quality results in little to no time.
7.0.56: * Fixed: Error in ID3 tag parsing causes Acoustica to crash when loading some MP3 files 7.0.51: * Fixed: Horizontal axis grid in Vitalize doesn't match frequency axis * Fixed: Vitalize crashes when switching to a clip with different sample rate with the processor UI open * Fixed: DeNoise & DeNoise Light doesn't update frequency scales when switching to a clip with different sample rate * Improved: Smoother looking selection geometries generated by the brush tool * Fixed: Ensure time selection after undoing time-frequency region operation * Added: Drag and drop reordering of tracks in multitrack sessions * Fixed: ID3 tags preventing MP3 files from loading in Media Player in Windows 7 * Fixed: Changing track heights in multitrack sessions not always working. * Added: Show automation levels when moving curve points * Fixed: Keep last selection tool when returning to spectrogram mode * Fixed: Possible freeze in FLAC decoder (extremely rare) * Added: Persistent file export settings in Cleaning Wizard * Fixed: Batch Wizard encoder settings have no effect * Added: Persistent batch processing settings * Added: Mono compatibility check button in Processing Chain and Multitrack Session Master pane * Added: Expand selection to zero crossings * Fixed: Time display should show current cursor position when audio isn't playing * Added: Add track number meta data support * Added (help): Describe 'Statistics' command * Added (help): Describe color palettes in analysis settings * Added (help): Describe processor preview controls * Fixed: Zoom buttons and zoom menu commands should zoom in around cursor position * Added: Add setting for maximum plug-in validation time (necessary for Waves shell) * Fixed: DeNoise noise profile estimation resets when looping audio * Fixed: Error in MapScale potentially causing out-of-bounds memory reads * Fixed: Tab close button not always responding to clicks when highlighted * Fixed: Zoom range tool not working in waveform view * Added: Adjust magnitude range directly from scale indication * Added: Add "Eject when finished" checkbox to CD burn dialog * Added: Make Dynamics and Multiband Dynamics available for the aux send. * Added: Color palette options in Spectrogram, Wavelet and Spectral Histogram * Fixed: Length of loop crossfading should be limited by length of audio available before the loop starting point * Fixed: Selecting output file format in Cleaning Wizard's file export page has no effect * Fixed: Waveform visualization doesn't update after closing the VST editor window from certain plug-ins * Added: File open dialog should have "All supported files" option * Fixed: Possible crash when right clicking in empty waveform views * Fixed: Incorrect block size reported to plug-ins when applying to files with 96 kHz sample rate or higher (mostly AU plug-ins affected) * Fixed: Undo not possible after removing anchor per drag & drop * Fixed: Incorrect command names in undo stack when using Cut and Delete with time-frequency selections * Fixed: Delete command with time frequency selection results in two commands (Delete > Mute) in undo stack * Improved: Statistics window now contain file name in window title * Fixed: DeHum frequency indicators not updated without audio playing * Fixed: DeHum sensitivity knob has no effect * Fixed: Invert toggle not set when reopening "Volume" processing tool * Fixed: Crash when loading plug-in chain files containing certain plug-ins * Fixed: Incorrect ID3 Tag header size in exported MP3 files * Fixed (Windows only): Plug-in Windows too big when opened from Processing Chain and using DPI scaling * Fixed: Unable to load processing chain files with some rare combinations of processors * Fixed: View range not validated after sample rate conversions. * Improved: Sample rate conversion accuracy and speed